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Are you having trouble with your slate roofing or are you concerned that it got damaged during a storm? Turn to HDM Construction for assistance and effective solutions offered at competitive rates. Our excellent slate roof repair service is available to commercial and residential clients throughout Niskayuna, NY and all the surrounding areas.

Common Issues With Slate Roofing

One of the more common issues with slate roofing is that their tiles are quite heavy. This could lead to structural issues if the framing was done incorrectly or wasn’t designed to hold the weight of slate tiles. Although slate roofing is one of the most durable and long-lasting roofing materials, tiles can still be broken with enough force. If any of your slate roofing tiles got damaged during a storm or due to another unfortunate event, it’s important to have the damaged tiles replaced immediately to avoid other issues, such as water damage to your home.

We Ensure Great Results

HDM Construction is an excellent company to call for all types of slate roofing repair services. We have extensive experience working with slate roofing and will be able to conduct a detailed inspection of the damage it endured. Once this is done, we will offer our clients the best repair options that we advise. The work will be handled promptly by our seasoned professionals. We own specialized equipment and use top-grade materials and replacement slate tiles for all projects. We want your roofing to last you a lifetime, and we will always double-check our work for quality. We ensure that the results we deliver are fully up to industry code.

For high-quality slate roof repair services, be sure to set up an appointment with HDM Construction at your earliest convenience. We are always ready to do excellent work for our clients in Niskayuna, NY or any of the adjoining areas. Reach out to us today at (518) 278-7514!

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